Company-Trikkis Energy

Trikkis Energy, a member of Trikkis Group, which has been operating successfully in the Cypriot market since 1961, having as main field of operations the trading, processing and distribution of glass, started operating in the field of renewable energy technologies in 2005.
The company covers the whole range of services in the field such as: study, import, distribution, installation, supervision and maintenance of photovoltaic systems, is a member of the Energy Foundation and is registered with the Association of Companies of Renewable Energy Sources of Cyprus (
International certifications (ISO 9001, OSHAS 18001, ISO 14001), combined with the company’s experience, credibility and cooperation with leading European suppliers, have established it as one of the leading companies in the field of PV systems.

The company’s staff includes members of ETEK and experienced photovoltaic technicians, which further establishes the presence of Trikkis Energy in the Cypriot market.
Trikkis Energy aims to improve everyday life for everyone through energy:

  • Power generation and allocation for a better lifestyle
  • Rational design of energy systems with the aim of maximizing savings, taking into account all modern techniques and equipment, in comparison with the relative costs.
  • Production of the energy required from renewable sources.

The above are achieved through the innovative quality products and services offered by the company in cooperation with leading European manufacturers, as well as through the well-trained and experienced personnel.

meet our team


Mr. Nikos Trikkis is responsible for the overall management of the company. With responsibility he manages to carry out the most difficult missions and succeeds in fulfilling the company's goals to the full extent. He represents the company worldwide in competitions and conferences related to photovoltaic systems. (HND Mechanical engineering, Master on Business Administration (MBA))

Trikkis Energy DIRECTOR

He has a crucial role in organizing all the functions of the Photovoltaics’ department, from sales to maintenance. Through his long term experience in the field, he manages to achieve any goal, from small autonomous systems, to photovoltaic parks and autonomous production plants for factories.(BsC Physics, MsC Renewable Energy, Master on Business Administration (MBA))


Heading the sales department, with specialization in monitoring and tracking systems maintenance issues. Showing a desire for new knowledge, he researches all possible solutions for each client, resulting in being successful to all the requests he has handled. (BsC Electrical Engineering)


Responsible for the study and design of a PV system, as well as for the process and study required to prepare the relevant quotes. She contributes to the smooth operation of the department, taking care that proper and immediate feedback is given to clients and associates.(BsC Electrical Engineering)


He specializes in electrical installations and through his knowledge and expertise ensures the correct operation and the necessary safety is applied to our systems. For this, at every inspection conducted by the Electricity Authority, our installations pass with flying colors.


Through her long and wide experience, Mrs. Nazwa is responsible for the proper function and operation of the accounting department, as well as regulating and proper keeping of the company’s the financial statements. She is in constant communication with customers and partners, ensuring the smooth handling of any financial issue.